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Everyone In Youth Sports Should Read

The Matheny Manifesto

Updated Saturday March 29, 2014 by Nordonia Hills Athletic Association.


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Vince DeAngelis commented on March 28, 1:23pm
"This is a great article and applies to all youth sports programs. As a parent, coach of several youth sports teams, and a fan of youth sports, this guidance will help me now and in futures years. Thank you for sharing with us. Vince DeAngelis"
Dillon Brock commented on April 3, 3:27pm
"I am so impressed with this article. My son has played baseball since he was in kindergarten, actually since he was 2 yrs old. Being a female, and not having anyone to help me teach him was a challenge for me until he was in his first league. I was so excited to finally have help until what I have witnessed from the other parents. I was appauled at how they treated their children, living their childhood through their own children. I have actually seen a father hit his son because he missed the ball to get an "out". I have always put my son in the hands of the coaches, disaggreed with some, but knew they were only trying to teach them. He has learned a lot from them. These boys are playing for fun, to learn the game of America's favorite past time, and to get off video games! I beg parents to let the kids do that and let the coaches teach them that. I am deply touched that the coach took time to write this article and I am excited for this season to start."
Mike Brown commented on June 3, 5:48pm
"A must read for both parents and coaches."
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